State Tax Knowledge Update (36 items) - November 18, 2017

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since November 8, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

Some of the items may be on the same state/issue/topic, but they are from different sources which may give you a broader perspective to help your company or client.

  1. $100 Million Available During Second Application Period in the California Competes Tax Credit Program’s Final Year

  2. Tennessee Issues Notice on Intangible Expense Deduction

  3. VERMONT BULLETIN: Corporate and Business Income Tax Nexus, Filing Requirements, and Minimum Tax Liability

  4. Corporate Close-Up: Impending Federal Tax Reform and its Rippling Effect on State Corporate Taxation

  5. Incentives Watch: Federal Tax Reform Pumps the Brakes on Electric Car Incentives; States Zoom Ahead

  6. SALT Implications of the House and Senate Tax Reform Bill

  7. Colorado Court of Appeals Held that Out-of-State Holding Company is Not Included in Combined Report

  8. Watch Your Step: New York City Real Property Transfer Tax Imposed Under Step Transaction Doctrine

  9. New California Office of Tax Appeals Discusses Emergency Regulations

  10. Nice resource/summary for Tennessee taxes

  11. Tennessee sales tax guide by TaxJar for online sellers

  12. Rhode Island Division of Taxation Launches Website for Upcoming Amnesty Program that Begins December 1

  13. Minnesota DOR Acquiesces to Recent Tax Court Ruling Involving NOL Carryovers and IRC § 382 Limitation

  14. California FTB Issues Proposed Rule Changes on the Apportionment and Allocation of Partnership Income for Corporate Tax Purposes

  15. Colorado Appellate Court Affirms that Foreign Subsidiary is Not Required to be Included on Combined Return

  16. Oregon DOR Proposes Various Administrative Rule Changes, Including Reflection of New Law that Implements Market-Based Sourcing on Sales of Non-TPP

  17. Colorado DOR Issues Compliance Guidance on Some Remote Seller Notice and Reporting Requirements

  18. Mississippi DOR Adopts New Rule Requiring Some Out-of-State Sellers with Substantial Economic Presence to Collect Use Tax on In-State Sales

  19. August 3 Enforcement Date Added to Recent Pennsylvania Ruling Holding that Certain Online Information Retrieval Products Constitute Taxable TPP

  20. The Still-Rising Tide - Will Investment Managers Be Swept Up in State Income Tax Trends

  21. Ohio Department of Taxation Launches Amnesty Program Website

  22. Amended Regulations Reflect Recent Montana Law Changes that Expand Waiver of Composite Return or Withholding for Domestic Second-Tier Pass-Through Entities

  23. Tennessee DOR Explains Updated Requirements for Claiming Intercompany Intangible Expense Deduction

  24. Vermont Department of Taxes Issues Draft Nexus Bulletin - Comments Must be Received by December 8

  25. Tennessee DOR Holds that True Object of Subscriptions for Cloud-Based Scheduling Services is Taxable Remotely Accessed Software

  26. AB 398 expands California’s partial sales and use tax exemption

  27. Illinois EDGE tax credit program restored

  28. Local Policy Digest

  29. EY State income and franchise tax Quarterly update

  30. Ernst & Young LLP Sales and Use Tax Quarterly Update

  31. New York income tax withholding audits on the rise

  32. Coping with the tax challenges of relocation and mobility

  33. California OTA stakeholder meeting to comment on draft emergency regs

  34. State tax implications of federal tax reform: Repatriation toll charge

  35. State tax implications of federal tax reform: Interest expense deduction limitations

  36. State tax implications of federal tax reform: Full expensing

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