State Tax Knowledge Update (24 Items) - November 8, 2017

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since October 24, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

Some of the items may be on the same state/issue/topic, but they are from different sources which may give you a broader perspective to help your company or client.

  1. State Rundown 10/25: Marijuana Taxes a Bright Spot amid Underperforming State Revenues

  2. TN ruling: single-member LLCs owned by a partnership are exempt from Tennessee Franchise & Excise Tax. The partnership is subject to the TN franchise & excise tax

  3. Bloomberg BNA’s 2017 Trust State Tax Nexus Survey

  4. The State Tax Function and Emerging Technologies

  5. California OTA Proposes Draft Emergency Regulations on Administration and Procedures for Appeals and Petitions for Rehearing

  6. California FTB Now Permitting Oral Presentations in Petitioning for Use of Alternative Apportionment

  7. Maryland Tax Court Holds that Out-of-State Loaning Subsidiary Has Nexus Based on Relationship with In-State Parent

  8. Ohio Issues and Updates Bulletins Pursuant to New Law that Includes a 500K USD Gross Receipts Nexus Threshold

  9. California A.B. 131 enacted | Deloitte US

  10. State Rundown 11/1: Connecticut Balances Budget, Leaves Tax Code Out of Whack

  11. New Connecticut Law Provides for Fresh Start Program that Permits Potential Waiver of Most Penalties and 50 Percent Interest

  12. New Connecticut Law Revises Claimant Period for Combined Reporting-Related ASC 740 Deduction

  13. Florida DOR Proposes Administrative Rule Changes Reflecting New Law on Return Filing and Payment Due Dates

  14. Massachusetts DOR Issues Ruling on Net Worth Calculation Where Subsidiaries are Owned Indirectly through a Pass-Through Entity

  15. New Pennsylvania Law Revises NOL Carryover Deduction Limitation and Reflects State Supreme Court Ruling on NOL Carryovers

  16. Tennessee DOR Explains that Federally Disregarded SMLLCs of Partnerships Are Classified as Partnerships for Purposes of Qualifying for Certain Franchise and Excise Tax Exemption

  17. New Pennsylvania Law Imposes Information Reporting Notice Requirements on Some Remote Sellers, Including Marketplace Facilitators

  18. California’s New Office of Tax Appeals Issues Preliminary Draft of Procedural Rules that Is Silent on Discovery Matters

  19. 2017 State Ballot Measures Preview: Taxes

  20. October Tax Retrospective: Two Down, One to Go

  21. WEBINAR: State-Specific Property and Other Tax Challenges Affecting Data Centers Coast to Coast

  22. Pennsylvania net loss carryover modified, remote seller sales tax notice

  23. Finishing SALT: Inside SALT’s Monthly Recap

  24. State tax implications of federal tax reform

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