Can We Have A Real Conversation?

I have been working as a solo state tax consultant, researcher & writer for the past 4 years (I have 20+ years of experience in total). This solo life is a lot of work. It takes commitment and self-discipline to work when no one is telling you to. It takes more hours than you thought. It takes making the time to 'get' the work and 'do' the work. It is constant. You don't get paid if you don't work. I have been very successful (making more money than I did when I worked for someone else), yet I fantasize about re-joining a firm. I also fantasize about creating something totally different than what currently exists in the world of state tax. I want to make state taxes exciting. Fun even. I want to create passive income. I want to create freedom for other state tax pros. I want state tax to be less burdensome for start-ups and middle-market companies. These (smaller) companies need state taxes to get out of the way so they can truly prosper. Fortune 500 companies have teams of tax pros and large firms begging to help them. They also have the means to get that expertise. I hate the ego and competition in larger firms. I hate feeling like a number. Can we change this?