The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since May 2nd, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

Some of the items may be on the same state/issue/topic, but they are from different sources which may give you a broader perspective to help your company or client.

  1. Wisconsin Explains Reconciliation with Federal Consolidated Returns

  2. Preview of the share image State Sales Tax Shakeup

  3. Indiana Offers Voluntary Disclosure Initiative for Out-of-State Retailers

  4. Kentucky Requires IRC Sec. 199A Addback, Restores Credits

  5. South Dakota Provides Guidance on Foreign Dividend Recapture

  6. MTC Section 18 Alternative Apportionment Regulatory Project Moves Forward with Two Proposed Model Rules - Draft Model Use Tax Reporting Statute Also Advances

  7. Alabama DOR Issues Guidance on IRC Sec 965 Transition Tax Impact on State Tax Returns

  8. California FTB Moves Forward with New Draft Proposed Amendments to Market-Based Sourcing Regulation

  9. Florida DOR Issues Guidance on IRC Sec 965 Transition Tax Impact on State Corporate Tax Returns

  10. New Kentucky Law Imposes Mandatory Unitary Combined Reporting Regime

  11. Ohio Supreme Court Holds in Taxpayer Favor Regarding Credit Computation for Pre-CAT NOLs

  12. Oregon DOR Issues Proposed Administrative Rule on New State Repatriation Tax Credit Pursuant to IRC Sec 965 Repatriation Income for Tax Year 2017

  13. Growing Number of State Sales Tax Jurisdictions Makes South Dakota v. Wayfair That Much More Imperative

  14. Oklahoma Allows Transition Tax Installment Payment Election

  15. Tax Reform Task Force Names Income Tax Proposals for Further Study

  16. California OTA Readopts Emergency Rules on Administration and Procedures of Appeals and Petitions for Rehearing

  17. Focusing the Lens on Film Credits

  18. Indiana DOR Offers Special Limited-Time VDI for Out-of-State Online Retailers with In-State Inventory

  19. New Georgia Law Addresses Federal Partnership Audit Regime Changes and How to Report Adjustments for State Purposes

  20. Taxpayer Asks US Supreme Court to Review 2017 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Ruling on NOL Carryovers

  21. South Dakota DOR Discusses Federal Tax Law Changes Relating to Foreign Dividend Recapture and Potential Impact for State Bank Tax Purposes

  22. Texas Comptroller Issues Franchise Tax Ruling on Whether Proceeds from Certain Hedging Transactions Are Included in Apportionment Factor

  23. Alabama DOR Discusses New Law Requiring Certain Marketplace Facilitators to Collect and Remit Tax

  24. New Georgia Law Requires Some Remote Sellers to Collect and Remit Tax or Else Adhere to Information Reporting Requirements

  25. California FTB Issues Final Report on California’s Conformity to 2017 Federal Income Tax Changes

  26. State and Local Tax Technology Checklist (Techlist)

  27. TWIST - This Week in State Tax

  28. Georgia Expands “Dealer,” Adds Use Tax Notice Requirement

  29. Alabama Opens for Amnesty Applications on July 1

  30. Connecticut Legislature Approves Pass-Through Entity Tax

  31. Legislative Session Review: Georgia

  32. California May 18 meeting on changes to market based sourcing rules

  33. Connecticut Requires Bonus Depreciation, Sec. 179 Adjustments

  34. IRC Conformity Bill Goes to Hawaii Governor

  35. Indiana Special Session Considers IRC Conformity

  36. North Carolina Proposes Income Tax Rate Changes

  37. Legislative Session Review: Kansas

  38. Indiana Enacts IRC Conformity Bill

  39. Indiana Revises Corporate Income Tax Rate Calculation and Credit

  40. Massachusetts Provides Estimated Tax Penalty Relief for IRC Sec. 965 Income

  41. Oklahoma Creates New Credits for Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

  42. “One Maryland” Credit Revised

  43. Maryland Retains Personal Exemptions

  44. Alabama DOR Reminds that 2018 Amnesty Program Begins July 1

  45. Kentucky Claims Commission Amends Rules Related to Tax Appeals Procedures

  46. Alabama DOR Issues Amended Rules on NOL Carryforwards and Revised Filing Due Dates

  47. Updated Connecticut Administrative Guidance Discusses Treatment of IRC Sec 965 Federal Repatriation Transition Tax

  48. New Indiana Law Updates State Conformity to IRC

  49. Massachusetts DOR Issues Release on Estimated Tax Penalty Relief for Corporations Affected by Transition Tax on Deferred Foreign Earnings

  50. New Oklahoma Law Permits Electing Federal Transition Tax Installment Payers to Elect Similar Payment Scheme for State Purposes

  51. Pennsylvania DOR Announces that 2017 State Supreme Court Ruling on NOL Carryovers Will Not Be Applied to Earlier Years

  52. City of Seattle Poised to Impose an Employee Hours Tax on Some Businesses

  53. Alabama Tribunal Judge Denies DOR Motion to Stay in Online Retailer Legal Challenge of Economic Presence Rule for Out-of-State Sellers Making Threshold Sales into Alabama

  54. New York eyes UBT in response to federal tax reform

  55. Pennsylvania Clarifies Caps for NOL Calculations

  56. California Requires Return Adjustments for Sec. 965 Amounts

  57. Minnesota Legislature Passes IRC Conformity, Rate Reductions

  58. Friday Tax Reform: States Issue Guidance, Waive Penalties for Foreign Income

  59. Corporate Close-Up: Indiana Latest State to Respond to Federal Tax Reform

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