20 State Tax & Business Developments You May Want to Know - July 27, 2017

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since July 25th, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

  1. UPCOMING WEBINAR: Indirect tax and the Internet of Things: Where could convergence impact your organization?

  2. New bill would stymie state taxation of online sales

  3. California Supreme Court Increases the Cost of M&A Deals in Expansive Real Estate Transfer Tax Decision

  4. Pa. Senate could revisit budget Wednesday

  5. Georgia Senators Reviewing Corporate, Personal Tax Breaks

  6. Is your firm filled with open-minded people?

  7. Vanilla. Tastes good, but it’s a bad way to market.

  8. Oregon Passes First-in-Nation Statewide "Predictive Scheduling" Law

  9. Key Property Tax Appeal Dates: July, August, and September Deadlines

  10. States Clear Path for Truck Platooning: First Step to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

  11. The Middle Market Reports Solid Growth in Q2 2017

  12. The New Age of Cyber Crime

  13. Circle of Outsiders


  15. Texas - Economic Development Guide

  16. COST Issues Letter of Amicus Curiae in North Ardmore v. County of Los Angeles (Real Estate Transfer Tax


  18. State Legislatures Magazine - check out this site (interesting)

  19. State Rundown 7/27: State Legislative Debates Winding Down but Tax Talk Continues

  20. Trump Administration, Republican Congressional leaders release statement on tax reform goals

The above represents 'general curating' of state tax developments into one spot. If you still feel overwhelmed by the volume of state tax developments, please consider my 'custom curating' service. Meaning, clients hire LS to daily curate state tax developments relating to a specific industry, state(s), tax type and issueYou can make it as granular as you prefer. This allows you to reduce information overload, and only get the information you need to help your clients or company. This service is provided on a subscription basis. Contact me at strahle@leveragesalt.com.