13 Books You Should Read & Saturday Musings (INNOVATION)

Good morning. It's Saturday. I have multiple 'land chores' on the schedule for today. If you don't know, we bought 16 acres near Nashville last year. Totally gutted the house and completed a 6 month renovation last December. It's awesome having no one around us. First time I have lived in the country. The only challenge is the land. Getting it and keeping it the way you want it. 12 acres are trees, so I have approximately 4 acres or so of mowing, weed killing, tree cutting, etc., etc., etc. 

In any case, back to state taxes.

If you have noticed, over the past couple of weeks I have started to curate state tax AND business developments into the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group. I think this is a good way to put multiple pieces of important information into one place. I hope you are liking the format. 

In regards to my practice, I am constantly looking for new ways, new services, changing my website, changing my marketing, contacting new people, developing new relationships - trying to change the state tax world for the better. I don't want to just do what everyone else is doing. I want to create and innovate. Do something new. Develop a new angle. A fresh approach. A better way.

Contact me with your ideas. Your passions.

How would you change the state tax profession?

How can you better serve your clients?

What does your tax department really need from your state tax consultant and why aren't you getting it?

I am a state tax partner and writer. In addition to the 40+ articles with my name on it, I have ghost-written several articles for firms. Let me know if you are interested in learning more to help your firm grow its practice.

Some of my favorite books I have read are:

  1. Tribes by Seth Godin
  2. 10X Rule by Grant Cardone
  3. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone
  4. Essentialism by Greg McKeown
  5. One Thing by Gary Keller
  6. Crush IT! by Gary Vaynerchuk
  7. Start with Why by Simon Sinek
  8. REWORK by Jason Fried
  9. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  10. Make Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky
  11. Deep Work by Cal Newport
  12. So Good They Can't Ignore You by Cal Newport
  13. The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth by Chris Brogan 

Have a great weekend!