State Tax Knowledge Update (34 items ) - December 12, 2017

I hope you are having a great holiday season and are remaining calm and enjoying it. I know it isn't easy. So many things going on this month and then trying to get work done, and the constant tax reform talk providing uncertainty. BUT it will calm down at some point. Just remember, life is too short to stress about things that don't really matter. The key is knowing what matters and what doesn't - that is true for both work and in life. As they say, "don't major in minors." 

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since November 18, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

Some of the items may be on the same state/issue/topic, but they are from different sources which may give you a broader perspective to help your company or client.

  1. Weekly Round-Up: News from MTC’s National Conference

  2. A presentation on Residence and Domicile -Principles and Practice

  3. Pennsylvania Issues Guidance on NOL Deduction

  4. Connecticut to Implement App and “Cookie” Nexus

  5. New York Denied Deduction for Rental Losses

  6. Small-Business Owners Allege Tax Plan Bias

  7. Taxes Intercept Millions From NFL Players’ Salaries

  8. Corporate Close-Up: Utah Clarifies Definition of Foreign Operating Companies and Rules on Inclusion of Proceeds from Buy-Sell Agreements in Receipts Factor

  9. California Competes tax credit program - $100 million in tax credits available

  10. Pennsylvania - Refund limitation period starts when liability fully paid-in

  11. Practice and Procedure: California Tax Appeals Office Races to the Finish Line on Finalizing Procedure Rules

  12. New Jersey – No addback for worldwide income; treaty protections respected

  13. Illinois Franchise Tax Relief on the Horizon

  14. Massachusetts Denies Sales Factor COP Determination

  15. Sale of Business Excluded From Sales Factor on California Return

  16. Global Talks on Taxing Digital Economy a Worry for U.S.

  17. Pennsylvania Supreme Court holds statute of limitations for corporate tax refunds is three years from the original due date of a return

  18. Rhode Island's tax amnesty program begins December 1, 2017

  19. State Income Tax Implications of Base Broadening Components of House and Senate Tax Reform Bills

  20. 2017 Interim Report on State Taxation

  21. California FTB Chief Counsel Ruling Addresses Whether Sales from Certain Business Divestures Can be Excluded from Sales Factor

  22. California FTB Issues Proposed Regulations on How Credits are Allocated Among Members of Combined Reporting Group when Defective Election Occurs

  23. New Connecticut Law Postpones Start of Claimant Period for Combined Reporting-Related ASC 740 Deduction

  24. Virginia Department of Taxation Ruling Holds that Online Marketplace Operator is Not a Dealer for Sales Tax Collection and Remittance Purposes

  25. New York Appellate Court Holds that Purchased Competitor Pricing Reports are Information Services that Qualify for Exclusion

  26. Illinois - right to tax refund cannot be assigned to third-party lenders

  27. Indiana Tax Court rules on sourcing of online educational service

  28. KEEP WATCH ON MTC Use Tax Information Reporting Work Group

  29. Rhode Island Division of Taxation Issues Guidance on Amnesty Program that Began December 1

  30. California FTB Explains Application of Throwback Rule to Taxpayer Filing Certain Gross Receipts-Type and Franchise Tax Returns

  31. Colorado Appellate Court Affirms that Domestic Subsidiary Holding Company Owning Stock in Foreign Entity is Not Required to be Included on Combined Return

  32. Indiana Tax Court Rejects DOR Attempt to Source Receipts from Online Revenue Based on Location of Market

  33. Washington Adopts Business and Occupation Tax Rule for Apportioning Financial Institution Income

  34. Federal Courts Determine OTCs’ Service Fees not Subject to Hotel Occupancy Taxes - Horwood Marcus & Berk

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