State Tax 'Think Tankers'

Who will be the next generation of state tax 'think tankers'? 

We have had great leaders in the SALT profession, you know the group of thought leaders, national tax office prognosticators, prolific professors that tell us what each case means, that tell us the impact proposed legislation will have. They are the ones that tell us what legislation is 'good' and what legislation is 'bad.' They speak at every seminar. They write the articles we read. They handle the big cases. They provide advice to the largest corporations. They are the ones we look up to. 

We have enjoyed their leadership for decades. My question is, who is next? Who will lead us in the future? Will it be you? Will it be someone else?

Those of you who work tirelessly in large corporate tax departments, are you holding onto a wealth of knowledge that needs to be released? Are you looking for an outlet? Are you wanting the opportunity to raise your hand and voice?

Those of you who are learning the ropes in a large firm. Are you looking for an opportunity to speak your mind? To share your thoughts? To express what you are learning?

We all have visions of the future. Aspirations. Dreams. To make those dreams come true, we all have the same requirement - we must start where we are. 

We don't know who will be the next state tax 'think tankers.' But one thing we do know, it could be you.