When Will Your State Make Tax Law Changes?

If you are looking for some insight into 'when' your state will make tax law changes in 2016, I have provided a link to Multistate Associates schedule of state legislative session dates, and a Map of Current Legislative Sessions.

Let me know if you have any questions or any insights into what changes your state may make. Some of the hot topics or possibilities seem to be a continuation of prior years, depending on what your state has enacted in the past:

  1. Imposing nexus on remote retailers for sales tax collection purposes
  2. Market-Based Sourcing for apportionment of services
  3. Combined Reporting
  4. Single-Sales Factor apportionment
  5. Tax Haven legislation
  6. Transfer Pricing 
  7. Addback legislation for related party expenses
  8. Sales taxation of services
  9. Credits and Incentives