Managing NOLs using spreadsheets with thousands of complex formulas to forecast state NOLs manually can lead to lost cash tax opportunities. This is why we need to learn more about this area and identify new tools to predict the impact that state NOLs will have on cash, minimize effective tax rate (ETR), and improve corporate earnings per share.

By attending a free Bloomberg BNA webinar on March 22, 2016 at 2 pm EST, which I have the privilege of co-presenting, you can become the hero of your tax department by learning more about major hurdles of NOL management and practical strategies you can apply to effectively and efficiently track state NOLs. You’ll discover how to better manage NOL assets, including accurately predicting the burn-down of NOL assets as your company comes into profitable tax years.

This webinar will introduce BNA State Tax Analyzer with NOL Manager as a great tool that automatically computes the generation and utilization (carrybacks and carryforwards) of state NOLs across multiple years and multiple scenarios.

I hope you will join us.