The Greatest SALT Consultant (GSC) does not use timesheets to manage staff. The GSC measures staff by results (and intangibles), not effort. 

Timesheets are a “crutch,” or replacement for poor project management and poor people management. There are other, more useful tools to manage projects and people (their called managers). Other tools could be a “SCORECARD” and “Project Management Report.”

Example “SCORECARD:”

  • Pull your weight (complexity of work / volume of work / meeting deadlines for assigned work)
  • Willingness to help others near deadlines (shifting of work / unassigned work)
  • Identify tax process improvement ideas
  • Identify tax savings ideas
  • Work product requires less review time
  • Positive attitude

What do you think?

If you are a client, are you paying for effort or results?

If you are a tax professional, are you measuring and managing effort or results? 

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