What do you think are the top issues/topics in state taxation today?

  1. State income tax reform/response to federal tax reform (which covers a wide variety of issues - depreciation, foreign income, dividends, charitable contributions, NOLs, Domestic Production Deduction, Sec. 199A, M&E, interest expenses, Sec. 118, related party expenses, deemed repatriation, like-kind exchange repeal, Sec. 179 expense, R&E expenses amortization)
  2. Wayfair Supreme Court Case regarding sales tax nexus/collection obligations/possible overturn of Quill/physical presence
  3. State taxation of foreign income
  4. Market-based sourcing impact (continuing trend)
  5. Alternative apportionment (is it all alternative?)
  6. Management & utilization of NOLs / 382 NOL issues
  7. Combined reporting vs. separate reporting 
  8. Single-sales factor apportionment impacts (continuing trend)
  9. Whether to utilize Voluntary Disclosure Agreement/Amnesty programs
  10. Utilizing and negotiating credits and incentives
  11. State income taxation of pass-through entities (new pass-through entity audit rules)
  12. Related party expenses / transfer pricing
  13. Private letter ruling requests
  14. Other?????