The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since February 7th, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

Some of the items may be on the same state/issue/topic, but they are from different sources which may give you a broader perspective to help your company or client.

  1. Sweeping New Iowa Tax Policy Unveiled

  2. Idaho Enacts New IRC Conformity Date

  3. Georgia Introduce IRC Conformity Bill

  4. West Virginia Passes Federal Conformity Bill

  5. Sales Subject to Indiana Throwback Rule

  6. Idaho Sends IRC Conformity Legislation to Governor

  7. Kansas Might Repeal Multistate Tax Compact Provisions

  8. Corporate Close Up: D.C. Denies Big Oil Summary Judgment on Multimillion-dollar Chainbridge Transfer Pricing Case

  9. Tax Reform Friday: High Income Tax States Strike Back Against Limitation of State Tax Deduction

  10. Individual Income Insights: Many States Mulling Conformity to “Fit In”

  11. Extras on Excise: States are Smitten for Fuel Tax Revenue

  12. Sales Tax Slice: Sourcing Online Purchases from Physical Stores

  13. Effective NOL Planning in Light of Tax Reform | Tax Executive

  14. Pennsylvania DOR Issues Non-Participation Penalty Assessments to Delinquent Taxpayers that Failed to Partake in 2017 Tax Amnesty Program

  15. The Empire State is Open for Business – Overview of Select New York Credits and Incentives

  16. Nexus Considerations: Navigating the "Kill Quill" Revolt

  17. District of Columbia Confounds Opposition to Its Transfer Pricing Strategy

  18. Implications to Illinois Repeal and Replacement of Its Unclaimed Property Act

  19. Louisiana Governor Calls Special Session to Address Fiscal Cliff

  20. COST: State-by-State Scorecard Summaries and State Legislative Targets

  21. 2018 State Tax Amnesty Programs

  22. 2017 State Tax Amnesty Programs (in case you missed it)

  23. COST’s Opposition to House Bill 2489, Retroactive Repeal of Multistate Tax Compact Provisions

  24. COST’s Opposition to Senate Bill 227, Mandatory Unitary Combined Reporting

  25. California Issues Out-of-State Voluntary Disclosure Application

  26. Idaho Enacts New IRC Conformity Date

  27. Tax Reform Friday: Idaho and West Virginia Take Differing Approaches to I.R.C. Conformity Post-Pub. L. No. 115-97

  28. West Virginia IRC Conformity Date Updated

  29. Virginia Enacts IRC Conformity Legislation

  30. Corporate Close-Up: California Holds LLC Member Responsible for Entitys Tax Liabilities

  31. Extras on Excise: By Taxing Uber and Other TNCs, Alabama Joins the Club

  32. Corporate Close-Up: New York City Tribunal Rules on Sourcing of Services from Subscription-Based Consulting

  33. Property Tax Post: Payment in Lieu of Tax Already a Success?

  34. Individual Income Insights: Many States Mulling Conformity to “Fit In”

  35. Court or Congress? State Online Sales Tax Power Set for Change

  36. Update: Companies Face Setback in Challenge to District of Columbia’s Use of Chainbridge Transfer Pricing Method

  37. Congress Extends Tax Incentives for Energy Production and Conservation


  39. MTC Files Brief in Support of South Dakota’s Petition in Wayfair Case

  40. Could States Fix The SALT Deduction Cap By Taxing Pass-Throughs and Giving Their Owners A Credit?

  41. Ohio Department of Taxation Reissues Release on Nexus Standards and Filing Safe Harbors for Pass-Through Entities

  42. Partnership Not Liable for Nonresident Partner’s NJ Tax

  43. Michigan Explains Apportionment of Industrial Processing Exemption

  44. Federal Tax Reform—Multistate Tax Considerations and Conformity

  45. Colorado DOR Holds that Alternative Apportionment is Warranted Under Taxpayer Provided Facts

  46. District of Columbia CFO Addresses How Recently Enacted Federal Tax Reforms May Affect Some Taxation in the District

  47. New Idaho Law Specifies 120-Day Timeframe to Report Federal Tax Audit Adjustments

  48. New Virginia Law Updates State Conformity to IRC and Decouples from Some Provisions of the 2017 Federal Tax Reform Act

  49. New West Virginia Law Updates State Conformity to IRC

  50. US Supreme Court Schedules Oral Arguments in Case Challenging the Constitutionality of Remote Seller Economic Nexus Law for April 17

  51. Colorado DOR Issues General Information Letter Addressing Certain Remote Seller Notice and Reporting Requirements

  52. South Carolina DOR Announces Acceptance of Retail Sales Tax Applications from Third-Party Suppliers of Products Sold via Online Marketplace Provider Website to In-State Purchaser

  53. Could Colorado actually simplify its sales tax system? Let's hope so.

  54. Tax Reform Friday: More Tax Reform Bills and Proposals; Texas v. ACA–Round 2

  55. Corporate Close-Up: ‘Kill Quill’—What the End of Quill Would Mean for Corporate Income Taxpayers

  56. Georgia Enacts IRC Conformity Update, Rate Cut

  57. Michigan Keeps Personal Exemptions

  58. Oregon Tax Bill Includes IRC Conformity

  59. Illinois Introduces Marketplace Fairness Act

  60. Alabama Tax Amnesty Program Enacted

  61. New Alabama Law Requires 2018 Amnesty Program Providing for Potential Waiver of Interest and Penalties

  62. Michigan Department of Treasury Explains New Law Permitting Alternate Method of Dispute Settlement and Resolution for Certain Tax Liabilities

  63. California FTB Explains Refund Claim Procedures Pursuant to 2017 Appellate Court Ruling

  64. New Georgia Law Updates State Conformity to IRC

  65. Illinois DOR Addresses How Recently Enacted Federal Tax Reforms May Affect Some State Income Taxation

  66. New Michigan Law Generally Updates State Conformity to IRC and Permits Taxpayer Election to Conform to IRC in Effect for Tax Year

  67. Partnership Not Liable for Out-of-State Limited Partner CBT in New Jersey

  68. Connecticut DOR Services Sends Use Tax Notices to Online Customers Based on Information Provided by Online Retailers

  69. Chart of States with and without State Tax Tribunals (as of 2/3/16)

  70. Florida Reaches Agreement on IRC Conformity, Other Tax Issues

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