17 State Tax and Business Developments You May Want to Know - Sept 5, 2017

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since August 26th, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

  1. NC market discount income from US govt bonds is not interest


  3. COST, EY & State Tax Research Institute Study: Total State and Local Business Taxes (fy16)

  4. Oregon revenue online educational services sourced faculty costs

  5. State Rundown 8/31: Modernizing Taxes is Sometimes a Sprint, Sometimes a Marathon

  6. Oral Arguments Heard in South Dakota’s Challenge to Quill

  7. Net Operating Loss Carryforward & Carryback Provisions by State

  8. Indiana Files Lawsuit to Defend Out-Of-State Sales Tax Law

  9. Amended Colorado Regulations Address Combined and Consolidated Filing and Apportionment

  10. Massachusetts DOR Issues Technical Information Release on Policy Change Regarding Treaty-Exempt Income

  11. Oregon Tax Court Explains that Only Direct Costs are Relevant in Determining Where Greater Proportion of Costs of Performance Was Incurred

  12. Indiana Attorney General Responds to Suit Filed by Trade Groups Regarding Enforcement of New Remote Seller Economic Nexus Law

  13. Limited-Time Voluntary Disclosure Program for Out-of-State Sellers Having Click-Through Nexus Runs through November 21 in New Jersey

  14. Rhode Island Division of Taxation Explains New Information Reporting and Notice Requirements on Some Remote Sellers - Including Marketplace Facilitators

  15. Seattle high-income resident income tax enacted

  16. Texas appellate court upholds subcontractor exclusion while reversing and remanding on COGS methodology

  17. VA Supreme Ct rules subject to tax exception post apportionment

The above represents 'general curating' of state tax developments into one spot. If you still feel overwhelmed by the volume of state tax developments, please consider my 'custom curating' service. Meaning, clients hire LS to daily curate state tax developments relating to a specific industry, state(s), tax type and issueYou can make it as granular as you prefer. This allows you to reduce information overload, and only get the information you need to help your clients or company. This service is provided on a fixed-fee or subscription basis. Contact me at strahle@leveragesalt.com.