9/11 & Hurricanes - Hold Onto What Matters

Good morning. 9/11. Hurricanes. Monday. The news is uplifting and encouraging (NOT!). I was going to write about state taxes like I always do, but I couldn't do it today. Too many more important things to talk about, to think about, to discuss.

Tragedies unfortunately are a part of life. Wish they weren't. But like they say, we can't choose what happens to us, we can only choose how we respond. Life is what we make it, or how we remake it. We always have to turn lemons into lemonade. Find the good in the bad. 

Well, if we are trying to find the good in the bad from the hurricanes, it could be that it should force us to work together. To not argue about petty stuff. To find commonality. To respect the human in all of us. To realize what is really important in life. Not things, but people. Not money, but people. 

The other thing it should teach us is what to hold onto and what to let go of. All of our material possessions are things that are temporary. They could go at any moment. They are things that can give us joy, give us pleasure, and help us accomplish objectives. But they are replaceable. People - friends, family and pets. They are what is important. 

So today, I just want to say - regardless of where you are, if you are in the middle of the storm, or simply watching it from afar - I hope you pause to focus today on the things that matter. I hope you give those you love a little extra attention today (and every day). Don't lose focus. Let's not lose ourselves and the things that are irreplaceable while pursuing what is.