Suits, Birthday Reflections & Pursuing Life

First off, I would like to thank every one for the 'happy birthday' messages I received over the last few days. I really appreciate it. I turned 'double 4' or 44. I can't believe it. Mid-forties.

Each birthday, especially as you get older, causes you to reflect on what you have accomplished, how short life is, and what you still want to accomplish. Career wise, I have worked in almost every type of environment as a tax / state tax consultant. I have been self-employed the past 3 1/2 years. I have enjoyed working on my own - the money and the freedom have been great. Recently, I have been missing some things about working at a firm or corporate tax department - the teamwork and working together to solve problems and create opportunities.

My favorite tv show is "Suits." Lately, I have been binge watching the first 3 seasons. I still enjoy watching it over and over. I know it is a tv show, but I enjoy the fast pace, the creative problem solving, having to look at a problem from different angles to arrive at a solution that works. Albeit, in the show, the methods or solutions are not always legal or ethical.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching lately about my next career move, where my practice should focus, should I join a firm, etc. With getting older, we have no guarantee of tomorrow. We have to go for what we really want to do. We cannot go through the motions. We cannot waste time or days or months. We must pursue what we feel called to do. What we were made to do.

Looking back over my career, the times at which I felt the most 'alive' were when I was fixing or preventing a problem - controversy work. I call it 'research' with a purpose. Digging to find support for a position, to reduce an assessment. I want to focus on fixing and preventing state tax problems. I am a creative problem solver. That was what I was meant to do.

I get bored easily. I don't like wasting time on frivolous matters. I don't have time to waste. Life is too short. I have goals to accomplish. 

Even at home, I love fixing and preventing problems. I will kill myself to get a large project done in a day. I don't like dragging things out. If I have a 'honey do' list, I will move like a machine to get things done. I don't like incompleteness.

I leave you with a quote - "you can' keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect a different result." Also, if you want something, you have to take action and pursue it. 

I ask you, what do you really want to do? Are you pursuing it?