Is your state tax research getting bogged down? Are your consultants doing research and providing answers at a high-level without providing actual, practical, implementable guidance?

CYA - a common term for language firms put in their engagement letters to cover their XXX. 

Every state tax question is a research question. The complexity in the state tax field requires professionals to deal in the 'grey.' Which causes tax pros to use a lot of disclaimer language when giving advice - usually before they give advice (and after). 

What's my point?

 My point is that clients need practical advice. Something they can actually act upon. 

We all know the facts and law can change. We know the advice isn't 100% reliable, and that states could audit the client and challenge the position. We also know that the law could be wrong and perhaps should be challenged. The question is - what do we do now?

We don't need another high-paid consultant to do work, and give us a piece of paper that doesn't tell me anything.