State Tax Knowledge Update (27 items)- October 2, 2017

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since September 21st, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

Some of the items may be on the same state/issue/topic, but they are from different sources which may give you a broader perspective to help your company or client.


  2. Cuomo Announces New Amazon Office in New York City will Create 2,000 Jobs

  3. Whole Foods Told To Pay $3.5M On Add-Backs Per NY Tax Law

  4. California holds IPM on withholding for pass through entities

  5. State Tax Developments: Captives

  6. Wisconsin Eliminates Alternative Minimum Tax

  7. Alaska 80% DRD for dividends received from 80 20 company

  8. State sales tax could be costing Nashville tech jobs

  9. Multistate Insider: Local Policy Digest

  10. California Governor Signs Cleanup Legislation Related to Restructuring of State BOE and New OTA

  11. Virginia Governor Reminds that Amnesty Program Has Begun

  12. New York Extends Gramm-Leach Bliley Transition Rules for Certain New York City Financial Institutions

  13. New York City Tax Appeals Tribunal Requires Taxpayer to Recognize Property Gain on Final Tax Return

  14. Taxpayer Asks US Supreme Court to Review Florida Supreme Court Holding Which Held that Taxing Satellite Services Versus Cable TV Services at Different Rates is Constitutionally Valid

  15. Amended Oklahoma Rules Reflect Remote Seller and Affiliate Nexus Provisions

  16. South Dakota Supreme Court Affirms that Remote Seller Economic Nexus Law is Unconstitutional

  17. Wisconsin Governor Signs Budget Bill with Various Tax Law Changes Including Updated State Conformity to IRC, Revised Sourcing and Apportionment Provisions, and NOL Limitations

  18. Proposed Alabama Amended Rule Reflects New Law that Includes Loans and Credit Card Receivables in Property Factor for FIET Purposes

  19. California FTB Chief Counsel Ruling Addresses Impact of Recorded Goodwill for Deemed Water-Edge Election Business Assets Test

  20. New Mexico AHO Holds in Taxpayer Favor that Interest Income from Payment-in-Kind Notes is Nonbusiness Income Allocable Out-of-State

  21. North Carolina Supreme Court Affirms that Taxpayer Cannot Claim Interest Deduction for Market Discount Income on Discounted US Bonds

  22. Illinois Appellate Court Holds that Internet Retailer Lacks Substantial Nexus and Thus Not Liable for Use Tax

  23. Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Affirms that Wholesale Distributor Must Collect and Remit Tax on Goods Sold to Out-of-State Retailers in Drop Shipment Scenarios

  24. Holders Beware: Delaware Department of State Notices to be Mailed in Two Weeks!

  25. Why Does Missouri Want a Gross Receipts Tax?

  26. Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax: A Reappraisal

  27. State and Local Tax Aspects of Republican Tax Reform Framework

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