the fixer and preventer

At my house, I often refer to myself as "the Fixer."  Why?  Well, I live in a house full of girls (my wife, two daughters and a shitzu).  As most men encounter, they often have a "honey do list" that accumulates over time.  However, on a weekly basis there seems to be things that constantly need attention, maintenance or "fixing."  Examples may include:  cell phones not working properly, computers not working properly, IPads, toys, etc.

Every family needs a "fixer" (whether it is male or female).  Someone who can fix almost anything because unfortunately, everything in this world seems to be made to break down at some point.  Everything needs constant maintenance or "fixing."

In the state and local tax world, this seems to be the case as well.  Every day represents a new court case, new legislation, new business decisions, new fact patterns, and lovely audits and notices, etc.  Constant change is inevitable.  Constant change can lead to problems and issues that require maintenance or "fixing."  Hence, every company needs a state and local tax "fixer."  Someone who can provide leverage when it is required.  Someone who lightens the burden, and is a strong advocate when needed.  Someone who can identify the right-size, most cost-effective and practical solution.  

The key to being a good "fixer" is also being a good "preventer."   The more problems you can prevent, the less problems you will have to fix.  Hence, a good fixer will be as proactive as possible instead of just reacting to the constant "nagging" or "fire drills" that pop up.

Do you have a "fixer" at home? 

Do you have a state and local tax "fixer" and "preventer" for your business?