How are you protecting your company from state taxes?

As I was reading Deloitte's, "The New Normal in State Taxation," I was thinking, this is great information, but what are companies doing with this information? How are they responding? Are they doing anything differently? Are companies becoming more aggressive in light of the fact that states are aggressively expanding the definition of what is taxable and when you are taxable? Or are companies becoming more conservative, more risk averse? 

Companies are in a difficult position. All of the legal arguments are great, but practically speaking, where do opportunities exist to reduce state and local taxes or conduct your business in a tax-efficient manner? How will you find them? How do you know if other companies are taking similar positions or taking more aggressive positions?  Will those positions withstand the scrutiny of an audit or succeed upon appeal?

Companies seek outside counsel via accounting and law firms, and some times even call the state for guidance. Some companies lobby to obtain favorable legislation or get it changed because proposed legislation will have unintended consequences. 

What is your company doing to make sure it isn't overpaying its state and local taxes?

How is your company reducing risk?