State Tax Haven Legislation Got you Down? Read COST Report.

The State Tax Research Institute (STRI), a foundation affiliated with the Council On State Taxation (COST) released a study on state “tax haven” legislation. The report, “State Tax Haven Legislation: A Misguided Approach to a Global Issue,” provides an in-depth analysis of the problems, fallacies, and risks associated with adopting tax haven legislation.  

States have been attempting to reach income that they perceive is escaping taxation through sophisticated tax planning for the past 20+ years. To that end, states have enacted economic nexus, addback rules for related party transactions, worldwide combined reporting and scrutinized transfer pricing studies. Over the past couple of years, tax haven legislation has gained some traction as a new tool to combat unintended consequences created by state tax policy.

If tax haven legislation is impacting or could impact your company, read the COST report for a detailed analysis. It may help you defend your company or lobby against such legislation.