Question: What makes a remarkable state and local tax consultant or client experience?

Over the next 7 weeks, I will share one of the 7 best practices of being "the Greatest SALT Consultant" or GSC each week. Here is this week's.

Strategic Partner or  “One-Hit Wonder”

My first point, based on years of experience, is that state and local tax consultants should seek to be strategic partners with their clients, not be a “one-hit wonders.” Meaning, the Greatest SALT Consultant (GSC), should be someone that develops strong relationships with their clients. Through those relationships, the GSC will gain a deeper understanding of his or her client’s, or prospective client’s business, and be in a better position to provide practical, customized SALT solutions.

The opposite of the GSC is a “one-hit wonder,” or a SALT consultant that “hits up” clients with the “idea of the day.” This SALT consultant is more focused on meeting his or her personal/firm goals instead of focusing on solving the client’s problem with the most practical solution.

The “one-hit wonder” is here today, gone tomorrow; not only before or after a project, but sometimes even during a project. As a client, you can be “in the dark” as to the status of the project, what the consultant is finding, and what the potential solutions are (this should not happen).

The GSC provides updates throughout the project to the client, and advises them as to changes or alternative solutions that arise.

Have you experienced a "one-hit wonder"?