I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Most of you are probably sleeping in today, unless you are working this week. 

I am working this week - as is the life of a freelance consultant and writer. I work all the time, anywhere, anytime around my daily life. For example, over the past week, we have moved in to our newly renovated home and been unpacking all week. In the middle of this chaos, I have been working at night, early morning and sometimes all night (this is after being exhausted from unpacking). I don't say this to brag or get sympathy, simply to relay what it takes to work on your own. You don't work, you don't get paid. However, along with that responsibility comes freedom and the ability to work anywhere and anytime. 

Regardless of whether you are working or taking time off to spend with family this week, I hope you take a breath and appreciate 2016 (the good and the bad), and prepare for 2017 as something to look forward to. 

State taxes are constantly changing which makes this career interesting and challenging. Some of you dread your job and think of it simply as something to do, to get through the day, to pay the bills, so you can live for the weekend. DON'T LIVE THAT WAY. Either make it exciting and challenging or find something else to do. Life is too short. Live while you are alive. Be self-aware. Know what you are good at. What your strengths are. Do that. Don't focus on what you aren't good at or what others want you to do. 

As I have stated in previous posts, my story is not the traditional one, but who wants to be a cookie-cutter, spec-house. Be a custom car, a custom house. Conformity breeds mediocrity. 

Looking to do something amazing in 2017. Looking to do something new in the state tax profession this year. I hope you are too. DON'T BE A SALY (SAME AS LAST YEAR).