Transfer Pricing, Treasures in the Attic and Using Social Media

Next week I will be attending the Paul J. Hartman State and Local Tax Forum in Nashville. A few of the sessions on Tuesday that I am extremely interested in are:

  1. Transfer Pricing - MTC - ALAS program by Carley Roberts and Marshall Stranburg. The MTC program has been struggling to gain traction among the states. With all of the other activity around transfer pricing (i.e., BEPS, IRC Sec. 385 regulations, etc.), I wonder if traction will be found or will states remain in pause mode waiting for the dust to settle from other initiatives? For more info, check out my previous post - State Tax Transfer Pricing - What's Next?
  2. Treasures in the Attic - Tried and True Legal Principles in SALT by Janette Lohman and Brian Kirkell. This should be a good session to refresh our knowledge of principles that we can use to help clients avoid and resolve controversy. If this interests you, you may like my previous post - Should the Federal Government Pre-empt A State's Taxing Power?
  3. Ethics and Social Media for Tax Professionals by Brett Carter, Mark Holcomb and Glenn McCoy. I have a personal interest in this session as I have used social media for the last 8 years. Personally, social media has been a great tool to meet new people all over the country and help more companies, firms, publishers and policy organizations. If you haven't read it, here is a link to an interview I did for Bloomberg BNA about blogging.  For more history on my blogging adventure, check out this post.

Other sites I have used as a resource during my blogging years are:

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*Please note that I am not an attorney, just so happens that most of the resources or people blogging when I started in 2009 were lawyers, not accountants.