random thoughts from your fellow state tax professional

Taking a break from working this afternoon. In the middle of doing multiple state market-based sourcing research. Earlier this week I spent time researching California apportionment and allocation rules and writing technical support. I also worked on Florida enterprise zone refund claims and other miscellaneous research.

Question for the day: what did you spend your time doing this week? what would you do differently if you could? what would you change?

My philosophy is that life is too short to be boring or do boring work. I have been a state tax consultant for 20+ years and I know what part of my work I enjoy and what part I don't. Consequently, I seek to spend more time doing what I like and less time doing otherwise.

Random thought - one of my favorite television shows is "Suits." A little sad that the season finale was this week. Looking forward to it starting again in the winter. If you enjoy "Suits" as well, drop me a line. The show can be a little tense and stressful. Nobody takes any crap from anyone, and they are constantly jumping to incorrect conclusions. However, I enjoy the creative problem solving and perspectives they execute.

I hate the 'bait and switch.' I hate it when products at the store say they solve a certain problem or perform a certain function, then you get it home and does nothing. Isn't that false advertising? How many products or services have you experienced this phenomenon with? Unfortunately, that's how it feels with state tax laws. They are so complicated to begin with, and then states pull the bait and switch after a negative court ruling. 

I leave you with this - life AND work are supposed to be fun. I hope you had a great week and don't spend your days living for the weekend.

Take care and talk to you next week.