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If you want to learn more about my perspective on blogging, check out my interview with Bloomberg BNA: Expert Insight: Brian Strahle on Blogging, Creativity, and Coping with SALT Celebrity 

I have also written 60+ articles, including my column (The SALT Effect) for Tax Analysts State Tax Notesand delivered 50+ presentations. View sample articles on the page below.

I started LEVERAGE SALT, LLC in 2013 and serve as an Independent State Tax Consultant to Fortune 1000 Companies. I also currently (since 2015) serve as the subject matter expert for Bloomberg BNA's State Tax Analyzer product.

Benefits to fortune 1000 companies:

  • Partner-level experience without partner-level fees
  • Hourly-Rate, Fixed-Fee or Contingency-Fee
  • Geography doesn’t matter
  • Personal network of state tax professionals (across country) to call upon if necessary
  • No audit-independence issues

I do anything a client needs related to multistate income tax and sales tax (compliance, provision, controversy, planning);  whether that is complex research, data analysis, complex spreadsheets, modeling transactions, audit management or support, writing audit protests, sales taxability matrices, reviewing returns, filing amended returns, credits and incentives analysis, etc.


  • Help-Desk / 2nd Opinion
  • Custom Monitoring / curating of state tax developments that matter to you
  • Compliance Return Prep / Review
  • Amended Return Prep / Review (including RARs)
  • Reverse Audits (income tax & sales tax)
  • Audit Defense & Appeals (representation / additional support / research / writing)
  • Corporate State Income Tax Modeling
  • NOL Management & Utilization
  • State IRC 382 NOL Studies
  • Due Diligence / M&A / Private Equity transactions
  • Credits & Incentives
  • Sales and Use Tax Decision Matrix Development and Maintenance
  • Sales Tax Exemption Process Review
  • ASC 740 / ASC 450 (uncertain state tax positions analysis and review) documentatio n

All services are provided for any state and the following tax types: income tax, franchise tax, gross receipts tax, sales and use tax.