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27 State Tax & Business Developments You May Want to Know - August 9, 2017

The following are state tax and business developments I have curated since August 2nd, and posted in the LEVERAGE SALT LinkedIn group:

  1. Michigan enacts Good Jobs for Michigan incentive program

  2. California extends partial sales and use tax exemption for manufacturing and research and development equipment

  3. Finishing SALT: Inside SALT’s Monthly Recap

  4. Strategies for Managing State Debt

  5. State Rundown 8/2: Legislative Tax Debates Wind Down as Ballot Initiative Efforts Ramp Up

  6. Where States Get Their Money

  7. Marketplace Seller Past Taxes Potentially Pardoned Under Plan

  8. Board of Tax Appeals Decision a Real CATastrophe for Georgia-Based Wholesaler

  9. California Appellate Court – Stock in a company that was integral to taxpayer’s business may be converted to nonbusiness investment prior to its sale

  10. Texas Comptroller Revises Its Policy on Business Loss Carryforwards

  11. New York City Tax on Rents Causing Trouble

  12. Delaware Department of Finance Issues a Revised Proposed Reporting and Examination Manual

  13. Minnesota Supreme Court - Disregarded foreign entity included in domestic owner’s combined group for pre-2013 years


  15. Rhode Island Adds Requirements for Remote Retailers

  16. Rhode Island Authorizes Tax Amnesty Program

  17. Oregon Repeals Functional Test for Apportioned Income

  18. Oklahoma Tax Amnesty Rules Issued

  19. Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax Applies to Forward Contracts

  20. August 04, 2017 Illinois Appellate Court Issues Decision on Temporary Storage Exemption

  21. Eversheds Sutherland SALT Shaker: July 2017 Digest

  22. Finishing SALT: Inside SALT’s Monthly Recap

  23. MTC Offers 16 State Marketplace Seller Amnesty Initiative

  24. Pennsylvania Letter Ruling Holds Information Retrieval Products (online research services) Subject to Sales Tax

  25. Rhode Island Issues Sales Tax Notice to "Retail Facilitators"

  26. Check out Rhode Island's Site for Various Sales Tax Notices to Remote/Online Retailers/ Facilitators/Referrers, etc.

  27. State sourcing income rules and considerations for hedge and private equity funds

The above represents 'general curating' of state tax developments into one spot. If you still feel overwhelmed by the volume of state tax developments, please consider my 'custom curating' service. Meaning, clients hire LS to daily curate state tax developments relating to a specific industry, state(s), tax type and issueYou can make it as granular as you prefer. This allows you to reduce information overload, and only get the information you need to help your clients or company. This service is provided on a fixed-fee or subscription basis. Contact me at strahle@leveragesalt.com.