Sometimes you don't have a big state tax project. Sometimes you just have a state tax question that you would love to bounce off a state tax professional without having to go through the time consuming engagement letter process, especially if you need an answer quickly. 

If you are looking for a quick answer regarding your state tax question, use my Help-Desk.

The service is provided at a flat rate of $400 per question per state.

Fee Examples:

  • 1 Question for 4 states would be $1,600 ($400 x 1 question x 4 states)
  • 5 Questions for 1 state would be $2,000 ($400 x 5 questions x 1 state)
  • 2 Questions for 5 states would be $4,000 ($400 x 2 questions x 5 states)

All responses to questions will include a written response (via e-mail) summarizing the facts, legal authority and conclusion.

Note: Help-Desk services are provided for any state and the following tax types: income tax, franchise tax, gross receipts tax, sales and use tax.

For example, typical questions include the following topics:

  • Nexus
  • Sales taxability of items being purchased or sold
  • Apportionment
  • Sourcing
  • Practice and procedure
  • Combined reporting vs. separate reporting
  • Sales tax base
  • Sales tax exemptions

STEP 1: To utilize this service, use the button below to send your request, and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Company or Firm Name
  • Brief explanation of issue with all relevant facts
  • State(s) involved
  • $Dollar amount of tax related to issue
  • Deadline

After receiving your e-mail, LEVERAGE SALT will respond to confirm that the deadline can be met and to clarify the facts or request additional information. 

STEP 2: Once clarification is obtained, payment must be made below via Paypal or credit card before work will commence.(exceptions may be made for large projects or recurring clients where other fee arrangements are made).

Help Desk Service