LEVERAGE SALT's (LS) goal is to support your accounting or law firm's tax group and the wider firm by developing tools to improve efficiency and quality of state tax advice; to capture, develop and communicate essential information to your tax practice. LS helps your firm develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of your professionals, through innovative and targeted delivery of current awareness; helping to maintain and grow client relationships. 

LEVERAGE SALT's primary function is to gather, analyze, develop and share technically sound insights, ideas, service offerings and practice aids (i.e., whitepapers, slide decks, etc.) with your firm tax professionals to support business development, expertise location, client service delivery and the development of your people.

LEVERAGE SALT supports your firm's tax practice by helping administer your firm's: 

  1. external publishing platform
  2. tax technical knowledge systems
  3. ideas and service offering database / platform
  4. knowledge repository and related web tools
  5. internal tax news platform

If your firm doesn't have any of the above, LEVERAGE SALT helps your firm create custom and scalable solutions. There is no 'one-size' fits all. 

Specific services may include:

  • drafting, automating and updating standard form documents
  • developing 'fast gateways' to help your firm professionals access relevant tax knowledge as efficiently as possible
  • designing and updating intranet based know-how tools
  • identifying tax developments that are relevant to your practice and their practical impact; and communicating this to your professionals
  • helping to collate and store knowledge
  • helping design and deliver internal training 
  • helping develop tax resources
  • identifying and developing ways in which knowledge management can help nurture client relationships
  • communicating with partners and associates; raising the profile of knowledge management and its capabilities